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Am I Wrong: Reading

If your child loves to read, do you punish them by taking away reading?

08/15/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Spiting Rent

When a BF is staying with your roommate, does he need to pay a 3rd of the rent? That's what Melissa and Nicole are going through

08/14/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Little Bro

Natalie had to find out some important info FB the Internet

08/01/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: No College/Text Tracking

A mom found out her son isn't going to college because she tracks his texts...and he's not too happy about it.

07/24/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Kids at the Party

Babysitter canceled last minute and she brought her kids to the adult party anyways. Is she wrong?

07/19/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Pardon the Interrupting

This wife interrupts her husband constantly but is she wrong for it?

07/17/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Toilet Paper

If you use most of the TP, should you pay more than your significant other?

07/12/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Thank You Notes

Do you have to send thank you notes for thank you notes?

07/10/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Hotel Stealing?

If you take stuff from a hotel like soaps or a robe, is that stealing or did you pay for it with the price of the room?

07/09/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Trash for Cash

These two are about to lose their friendship over trash and turning it around to make a buck.

06/26/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Prostitution Wife

Mark and Meghan get an interesting am I wrong...is it prostitution to do stuff in the bedroom in return for gifts or is that marriage?

06/22/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Prostitution Wife

Mark and Meghan get an interesting call....Is it prostitution to do some things in the bed room in return for gifts? Or is that the definition of a marriage?

06/22/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: No Call Days

Can you just put everyone on hold for three days and ignore your phone or are you obligated to answer?

06/21/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Wedding Changes

After seeing the Royal Wedding, this guy's fiancée wants to redo the whole wedding right before it happens.

05/23/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Clothing

Can you buy just one type of shirt and buy 8 of them?

05/22/2018 download 


Dating someone for 8 months then they order veal...so you break up. Who's wrong here?

05/17/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Bday Gift

Erica calls to find out if she's wrong. Her boyfriend wants to get her a surprise birthday gift from him but he got mad when Erica sent a photo of what she would like.

05/15/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Tipping

You see an old friend and they're your server. Do you have to tip them more than you would a stranger?

05/11/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Cellphone Vacation

Troy wants to have a nice vacation without cell phones but his girlfriend thinks that's crazy. vtvt

05/09/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Dad Stays With Us

Claire has a problem with Forest letting his Dad stay with their family.

05/08/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Quitting Sports

Should you let your kid keep quitting sports without finishing seasons because they don't like it?

05/03/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Advice

Every have those people that just give you random facts about medical stuff, food, life, ect. and they are super annoying? Yeah, so do we.

05/02/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Carrot Cake

Ron called us up because he wants carrot cake for his birthday but his wife thinks it's gross and won't make it.

05/01/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Kim K IG Porn?

Mark and Meghan get a call from Lauren about her boyfriend checking out Kim Kardashian's Instagram. She thinks it's porn and he thinks she's being ridiculous.

04/27/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Shoes in House

Do you have to take your shoes off when you get inside your house? A couple calls up Mark and Meghan to figure out who's right and who's wrong.

04/26/2018 download 



04/24/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Gym Workout

A guy calls up Mark and Meghan to find out if he's wrong for feeling like his best friend is crossing the line. His girlfriend works out with his best friend, a gym trainer. But they both REALLY like working out together.

04/20/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Buying From A Friend

Vanessa and Michelle are best friends. One sells jewelry and has selling parties but pressures her friends into buying jewelry they don't even like.

04/18/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Yard Sale Return

Can you return something you bought at a yard sale? And not a big thing, a small thing like a $10 mirror. Mark and Meghan help this couple figure out who's right and who's wrong.

04/16/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Windshield or Window?

A couple calls us up because one says the front of the car is a windshield and the other says window. But what makes a window REALLY a window anyways?

04/12/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: White Dress

Can anybody where white at a bachelorette party? A two friends call Mark and Meghan to figure out who's right and who's wrong in having someone other than the bride in white.

04/11/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: You look Like...

Is getting compared to Sarah Jessica Parker a compliment or offensive? That's what Christine and Angela called up Mark and Meghan for.

04/06/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Traveling for Work

Hanna calls up Mark and Meghan to discuss her traveling for work. In the past, she's cheated on her husband but is required to go out of town for work. Her husband George doesn't trust her.

04/05/2018 download 

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