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Blown Off:

Could you continue to date someone who whole-heatedly believed unicorns are real because it was too much for this girl.

07/13/2018 download 

Blown Off: Handy Beer

This guy is getting blown off because he's always got a cooler filled with ice and beer in the back of his truck because " you never know when you'll need a beer"

07/11/2018 download 

Blown Off: Grammar

This guy is getting blown off because he can't spell.

06/28/2018 download 

BLOWN OFF: Prepper

Jon isn't getting a call back because he's a doomsday prepper. Weird he wasn't prepared for the cold shoulder.

04/10/2018 download 


Marcus calls up Mark and Meghan to see why Naomi is blowing him off. She says it's because he ordered milk at dinner.

03/26/2018 download 


A man calls because he hasn't gotten a call back. Mark and Meghan call up his girl to see why and find out his TV habits are to blame.

02/23/2018 download 


A girlfriend calls Mark and Meghan because her boyfriend won't go out with her on Valentine's Day. Why? He's going out with his wife...

02/14/2018 download 

Blown Off: Dead Dog

A girlfriend calls Mark and Meghan to find out why she hasn't heard from her boyfriend since Christmas. The reason? His dog died.

02/06/2018 download 

Blown Off: Emojis

1-17-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who thinks her BF is going to break up with her because he stopped sending her three Kiss emojis in the morning...

01/17/2018 download 

Blown Off: Its Cold

1-10-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a guy who said a girl canceled their date cause it was Cold... But is that what she actually said?

01/10/2018 download 

Blown Off: Flat Earth

11-28-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a couple who are broken up now because he is a "Flat Earther"

11/28/2017 download 

Blown Off!

11-17-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a woman who has not heard from her date in a few days... turns out its cause of a video game...

11/17/2017 download 

Blown Off: Insta Video

11-15-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a guy whos getting blown off for posing his date on Instagram.

11/15/2017 download 

Blown Off: Candy

11-06-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a guy who went trick-or-treating.... should a grown man go out on Halloween?

11/06/2017 download 

Blown Off: Back 2 Work

11-3-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple who are not empty nesters and the wife wants to go back to work... is her husband wrong to say no?

11/03/2017 download 

Blown Off: Its My Dog!

11-2-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple that's just broken but the guy is asking to come by once a week to hang out with her dog...

11/02/2017 download 

Blown Off: Gravedigger's Ball

10-31-17 This guy ended up taking home a girl after our Gravedigger's ball last weekend... and TEXTED HER MOM!!!! Is that weird? Mark and Meghan will try to figure out what he was thinking.

10/31/2017 download 

Blown Off: Get Out Of My House

10-27-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a Woman who is blowing off her date because when she was out on a run, he went to her house and left flowers.

10/27/2017 download 

Blown Off: Friend Date

10-19-17 Is this one friend wrong for ditching her friend and going to get her nails done without her because she was "not in the mood to talk"

10/19/2017 download 

Blown off: Coupon book

10-18-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple who are not feeling each other because he brought her a coupon book on the first date.

10/18/2017 download 

BlownOff: Hot Friend

10-13-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a guy who is blowing off a girl because he thinks her friend is WAYYYY hotter.

10/16/2017 download 

Blown Off: Dog Bite

10-4-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who's upset her date defended his dog when it bit her.

10/04/2017 download 

Blown Off: Extension

9-29-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a guy who won't go on another date with this woman because she had hair extensions...

09/29/2017 download 

Blown Off: Shower Thoughts?

9-28-17 Mark and Meghan ask if you should shower in the morning or at night?

09/28/2017 download 

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