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BABECAST: Jamie O'Neill

Do you have a wedding or special event coming up? Jamie O'Neill from Big Day Ready is your girl! Meghan and Jamie talk about her modeling career and living in Paris, what it's like to live and work on a cruise ship for nine months and her passion for fitness. Her company helps couples look and feel great in preparation for their big day... whether it be wedding, vacation, anniversary ETC.

05/25/2018 download 

BABECAST: April Caldwell

Everyone hates budgeting, right? Well according to money master April Caldwell, you SHOULDN'T! Meghan and April chat about managing money and how you don't have to sacrifice your future for your budget today. April gives some her tips and talks about how she helps women avoid those financial mistakes.

05/11/2018 download 

BABECAST: Maureen Of Neat Jax

Meghan talks to the babe who quite literally has her sh*t together! She owns NEAT and organizes people's home, office and life. If you need tips on how to get rid of that dress you might-actually- wear- one- day- probably not though, she is your girl.

05/04/2018 download 

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