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  • BABECAST: Miranda Lang

    Are you one of those people that tends to kill any plant to ever exist in your home? You're not alone, and Miranda from Succulent Strong has tips on how to keep your house plants ALIVE. She owns a succulent design company and shares her passion for creating beautiful succulent designs for YOU. Also, they discuss other important things in life like, The Real Housewives.

    04/20/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Cara Of Blue Jay Listening Room

    If you have a serious appreciation & love for live music, you'll love Cara- owner of Blue Jay Listening Room. Cara and Meghan talk about their favorite artists, some bad ass shows they've been to, what it's like running a music venue and how the love and passion keeps Cara motivated to keep the Jacksonville music scene alive and well.

    04/13/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Stephanie From Borrowed Babes

    Stephanie brings Meghan Rose for breakfast which leads to lots of fun stories. We talk about everything from Farmersonly.com, meeting Bachelor contestants, and her close fainting encounter at New York Fashion week. Stephanie shares her passion for working in the fashion industry and how you can wear super expensive brands without having to pay the prices. Check it out!

    04/06/2018   download  
  • Morning Mess Recap: Prom Date

    A photo was trending over the weekend of a father meeting his daughter's prom date with a gun in his hand. Mark and Meghan ask who else has dealt with over-protective fathers and things get crazy.

    04/24/2018   download  

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