The Blown Off Podcast 

Blown Off: Not Trump

11-10-16 - Mark and Meghan receive a call from a listener concerned because he wife said Trump will never be her president...

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Blown Off: Makeup

11-8-16 A woman is getting blown off because of her makeup... will Mark and Meghan be able to get the two to Make up?

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Am I Wrong: Im Not Voting

11-7-16: A Husband called Pissed because his wife is refusing to vote... is he wrong to be upset?

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Nudes 11-3-16

Is it wrong to keep your GF's Nudes... even after you break up?

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Undies 11-2-16

Do you walk around your house in your underwear... When people are there?

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Lie To Kids 10-31-16

Do you think its right to lie to your kids under some circumstances?

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FB posts 10-28-16

Would you be upset with your Significant other posting on someone's post saying "Damn Girl"

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Hot Skin 10-27-16.mp3

Do have a problem with "Hot Skin?"

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Ketchup 10-26-16

No one likes Ketchup as much as this chick

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Spoiler Alert 10-25-16

How long are you supposed to wait before you spoil a TV show or movie... Or book for someone?

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Old Dad 10-24-16

Would you put your dad in an old person home?

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Candy 10-21-16

Can you take a 6 month old trick-or-treating?

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Drunk Night 10-20-16

Do you believe this chick... she said she got so drunk when she cheated on her bf she thought it was him...

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MOM HATE 10-19-16

Is it common for your mom to hate your GF/BF?

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FB birthday 10-18-16

Do you get offended if someone does not say happy birthday to you on facebook?

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Nude Roomie 10-17-16

Do you get naked in front of your friends... is that weird?

10/17/2016 download 

Burger eater 10-14-16

How are you supposed to eat a burger?

10/14/2016 download 

Whore Butterfly 10-13-16

Why to people always want to dress up in sexy outfits?

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Hot Friend 10-12-16

Was this guy wrong to send the wrong message and ask for her number?

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Locker Room Talk 10-11-16

How do you feel about Trump's "Locker Room Talk"

10/11/2016 download 

Hurricane 10-5-16

This guy does not understand the severity of the Hurricane...

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Ex Watch 9-30-16

are you ok with your GF/BF wearing something from an Ex?

09/30/2016 download 

Silverware 9-29-16

Do you know someone who brings their own silverware to a restaurant?

09/29/2016 download 

Work Wife 9-28-16

Do you have a work wife/Husband?

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NAKED 9-27-16.mp3

Do you know someone who likes those "Naked" Shows?

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Return 9-26-16

Is it "Stealing" if you buy clothes, wear them for one night and then bring them back?

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SEX Dreams 9-23-16

Do you tell your BF, Or GF about your sex dreams... even if they're not about them?

09/23/2016 download 

Fanduel 9-22-16

Would you be upset with your Significant other if they were gambling about $100 a week?

09/22/2016 download 

Engagement Chicken 9-21-16

Have you heard of Engagement chicken?

09/21/2016 download 

Outside Wedding 9-20-16

Have you ever broken a Family Tradition... How did it go?

09/20/2016 download 


Are you on the mom's side or the daughters side... The daughter wants to name her kid after her Ex Boyfriend who won't see the kid.

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No Church 9-15-16

How do you feel about forcing your kids to go to church... even if they hate every second

09/15/2016 download 

No Phone Talk 9-14-16

Would you be upset if your BF did not talk on the phone with you?

09/14/2016 download 

Truck parking 9-12-16

Do you know someone who parks in two parking spots?

09/12/2016 download 

Football 9-1-16

Who does not like football?

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Poker night 8-31-16

Have you asked your significant other to stay home and hang out with you?

08/31/2016 download 

Ugly Dress 8-30-16

Ginny's sister wants her to change their bridesmaid dresses because she says they look awful... is she wrong to ask this because its Ginny's day and they should do what she wants?

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Coke 8-29-16

Are you a Coke person or a Pepsi person?

08/29/2016 download 

Xmas In AUG 8-25-16

do you know someone who is already doing Christmas things?

08/25/2016 download 

Buy a House 8-24-16

Would you buy a house with your BF or Gf... OR would you rather be married when that happens?

08/24/2016 download 

Not Smart 8-23-16

Would you not date someone because they're more Pop Culture smart than anything else?

08/23/2016 download 

threesome 8-22-16

Is this GF wrong to be mad at her boyfriend for wanting a threesome after doing one with him?

08/22/2016 download 

Freckles 8-19-16

Do you like Freckles?

08/19/2016 download 

Hold Hands 8-18-16

Do you hold your friends hands?

08/18/2016 download 

Hold Hands 8-18-16

Do you hold your friends hands?

08/18/2016 download 

Whistle 8-17-16

Do you like when people whistle... or do you hate it?

08/17/2016 download 

Breastfeeding 8-16-16

Is it wrong for this husband to ask his wife to stop breastfeeding in public?

08/16/2016 download 

Dolls 8-11-16

Do you know someone that collects dolls?

08/11/2016 download 

Poopon 8-10-16

Have you ever been pooped on by a bird? its good luck you know.

08/10/2016 download 

Shoulder driver 8-9-16

Do you know someone who got a ticket for driving on the shoulder?

08/09/2016 download 

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