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A frustrated teacher calls to tell Mark and Meghan that she absolutely hates one of her students. So much so that she even hopes he does bad on tests!

02/20/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Blender

Is it wrong to make a smoothie at 6am if it wakes up your roommate? Someone calls Mark and Meghan to discuss.

02/16/2018 download 


A girlfriend calls Mark and Meghan because her boyfriend won't go out with her on Valentine's Day. Why? He's going out with his wife...

02/14/2018 download 

AM I WRONG: Perfume

A friend calls Mark and Meghan to say her friend started using her perfume she'd been wearing for years. Is the friend breaking girl code or just buying perfume?

02/13/2018 download 


Mark and Meghan speak to a boyfriend who doesn't like getting nudes from his girlfriend. She takes them with their boys and makes them un-sexy. But should he tell her?

02/13/2018 download 


A wife and husband got into an argument about who's hotter: Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth.

02/08/2018 download 


A wife calls Mark and Meghan to complain about her husband using tin foil to wrap food instead of plastic wrap.

02/07/2018 download 

Blown Off: Dead Dog

A girlfriend calls Mark and Meghan to find out why she hasn't heard from her boyfriend since Christmas. The reason? His dog died.

02/06/2018 download 

True Confession: Superbowl Flu

2-5-18 Mark and Savannah talk to a woman who says she faked the Flu to get out of a Superbowl party...

02/05/2018 download 

Dumbest Argument: Hershey

2-1-18 Mark and Justin talk to two guys who are arguing if it is called Hershey Bar or Hershey's Bar...

02/01/2018 download 

AM I Wrong: going Halves

1-30-18 A brother calls Mark and Meghan about his sister who bought their mother a 70th birthday present. The siblings decided to go halves on the gift but the sister bought the gift without asking the brother if he was willing to pay that price. Then she wanted him to pay his half of $150.

01/30/2018 download 

True Confession: Botox

1-29-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who lied to her best friend about getting Botox. She lied and told her friend it was a BS face scrub but then her friend noticed nothing was happening for her...

01/29/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Hot New Roomie!

1-26-18 Mark and Meghan Talk to this husband who invited a hot girl to stay with them at their house because the girl’s boyfriend broke up with her. The wife didn’t know the girl. He called her a 9.2 and Obvi the wife was pissed he didn’t ask her first.

01/26/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Sweetie

1-25-18 Mark and Meghan talk about being called sweetie... does it bother you too?

01/25/2018 download 

Dumbest Arguments: Milk

1-24-18 Mark and Meghan debate with someone who opens their Milk the wrong way...

01/24/2018 download 

True Confessions: Diet Cheater

1-23-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who's confessing that she is cheating on her diet with her husband.

01/23/2018 download 

Dumbest Arguments: Roofer

1-18-18 Mark and Meghan Ask how you pronounce "Roof"

01/18/2018 download 

Blown Off: Emojis

1-17-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who thinks her BF is going to break up with her because he stopped sending her three Kiss emojis in the morning...

01/17/2018 download 

True Confessions: I'm A witch!

1-16-18 This woman calls Mark and Meghan and confesses that she thinks she is a witch... hear why!

01/16/2018 download 

AM I Wrong: Ring

1-12-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who dropped her ring behind a public restroom toilet, she refuses to get it and her husband is pissed.

01/12/2018 download 

Dumb Arguments: Shower

1-11-18 Mark and Meghan debate when you're supposed to dry off... in the shower or on the mat.

01/11/2018 download 

Blown Off: Its Cold

1-10-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a guy who said a girl canceled their date cause it was Cold... But is that what she actually said?

01/10/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Mean Boss

1-9-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who's having troubles with her boss, he is apparently being mean to her, and her boyfriend wants to say something to him about it... should he? is he wrong to want to?

01/09/2018 download 

True Confessions: Mail

1-8-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a woman who stole $100 because the mailman gave her the wrong mail...

01/08/2018 download 

Dumb Arguments: Turn AC Up!

1-5-17 Mark and Meghan ask: "if Someone wants the AC Turned Up, Does that mean they want it warmer, or colder?

01/05/2018 download 

Am I Wrong: Dry January

1-3-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who wants to Do Dry January... But she will only do it if her husband does it too!

01/03/2018 download 

True Confessions: Sex Dreams!

1-2-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who's feeling guilty because she keeps having sex dreams about her husband's friend... she wants to tell him!

01/02/2018 download 

True Confessions: I Watch The Jags!

12-27-17 Mark and Justin talk to a woman who sneaks out of the house to watch the Jags Play... her dad is boycotting the games... is she wrong to go against him?

12/27/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Cheating Clients!

12-15-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple who are fighting because the husband's clients admitted to cheating on their wives... and he does not want to say anything.

12/15/2017 download 

Dumbest Arguments Ever: Sketty Sticks...

12-14-17 Mark and Meghan ask how you make spaghetti... so you break them in half or shove it all in the water?

12/14/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Xmas For Baby!

12-13-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple thats fighting because the wife wants to spend over $500 on their babies first Xmas... is that too much?

12/13/2017 download 

True Confessions: Hate Kids

12-11-17 Mark and Meghan get a call from a woman who feels bad because she hates her sister's kids... should she feel bad?

12/11/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Laundry

12-7-17 Mark and Meghan have the "DUMBEST ARGUMENT EVER" and ask how you do your laundry?

12/07/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: No Work Friends

12-6-17 Mark and Meghan talk to two co-workers who are not hanging out anymore because the guy does not want to get fired for sexual harassment.

12/06/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Hold Door

12-5-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple fighting because the guy is too nice... she hates that he holds the door for her!

12/05/2017 download 

True Confession: Birth Control

12-4-17 Mark and Meghan Get a Call from a woman who confessed that she is still taking birth control when she and her husband are "trying" for a kid.

12/04/2017 download 

Blown Off: Flat Earth

11-28-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a couple who are broken up now because he is a "Flat Earther"

11/28/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Healthy Thanksgiving

11-20-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple that's fighting because she wants a "Healthy" Thanksgiving... he says he will eat somewhere else.

11/20/2017 download 

Blown Off!

11-17-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a woman who has not heard from her date in a few days... turns out its cause of a video game...

11/17/2017 download 

Blown Off: Insta Video

11-15-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a guy whos getting blown off for posing his date on Instagram.

11/15/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Talking On The Toilet

11-14-17 Mark and Meghan ask if its ok to talk on the phone... while going to the bathroom.

11/14/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: No Photos

11-13-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple, the man won't let her post any pic's of them on Social Media because HE HAS ANOTHER GF, AND SHE KNOWS!

11/13/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Guns

11-09-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a couple about the husbands want to carry a gun at all times... is she right to tell him to stop?

11/09/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: New Car

11-08-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple. that's fighting because he bought a new car without talking to her first.

11/08/2017 download 

Am I Wrong:

11-7-17 Mark and Meghan talk to two friends who are arguing because the one is getting married and is not going to have any bridesmaids...

11/07/2017 download 

Blown Off: Candy

11-06-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a guy who went trick-or-treating.... should a grown man go out on Halloween?

11/06/2017 download 

Blown Off: Back 2 Work

11-3-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple who are not empty nesters and the wife wants to go back to work... is her husband wrong to say no?

11/03/2017 download 

Blown Off: Its My Dog!

11-2-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple that's just broken but the guy is asking to come by once a week to hang out with her dog...

11/02/2017 download 

Am I Wrong: Wedding Video

10-31-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple fighting over whether or not to have a wedding video!

10/31/2017 download 

Blown Off: Gravedigger's Ball

10-31-17 This guy ended up taking home a girl after our Gravedigger's ball last weekend... and TEXTED HER MOM!!!! Is that weird? Mark and Meghan will try to figure out what he was thinking.

10/31/2017 download 

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