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  • BABECAST: Monica Merrill

    Meghan talks to the creator of the brand new influencer app Flippersplash, Monica Merrill! Monica talks about her journey from working on 90's TV shows like FRIENDS, ER, Saved By The Bell, to becoming an entrepreneur. She just launched a brand new app called Flippersplash which connects brands and influencers!

    02/16/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Jolie

    Meghan talks with the first musician of Babecast, Jolie! They talk about The Grammys, The Voice, performing in front of an audience, musical inspirations, her favorite songs and more!

    02/09/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Toni Hernandez

    Today on Babecast founder of Leading Ladies and leadership coach Toni Hernandez is here! Toni talks about the awesome book she's writing, how to get on Ellen, motivation behind creating Leading Ladies 904, and she's giving some seriously good advice.

    01/26/2018   download  
  • Morning Mess Recap: Getting Married Fast

    Amy Schumer got married to a guy she's been dating only 3 months so Mark and Meghan ask if that's a normal thing and get some crazy responses.

    02/16/2018   download  

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