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  • BABECAST: MaryAnne Rodriguez

    Meghan talks to Maryanne Rodriguez, owner of Root Realty. From the struggles of teaching at a low-income school to opening her own Realty company she's been through A LOT, and she's killing it. Maryanne is giving all the tips and secrets on how to go about purchasing a home and what it's like to own your own business while also being super mom and wifey.

    03/16/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Rachel Deremer

    If you've got a serious sweet tooth but don't want to feel terrible about yourself after eating a whole gallon of ice cream (guilty) you're going to want to listen to this episode! Rachel Deremer is a chef and she runs a company called Fit Fab Foods where she focuses on baking "macro friendly" treats for those who are fitness focused but don't want to give up sweets. She talks about her journey in the cooking world, running her own company, and the importance of balance.

    03/02/2018   download  
  • BABECAST: Monica Merrill

    Meghan talks to the creator of the brand new influencer app Flippersplash, Monica Merrill! Monica talks about her journey from working on 90's TV shows like FRIENDS, ER, Saved By The Bell, to becoming an entrepreneur. She just launched a brand new app called Flippersplash which connects brands and influencers!

    02/16/2018   download  
  • Morning Mess Recap: Falling Asleep?

    One of Mark's friend's one Facebook fell asleep in a movie and when she woke up, it was 3:30am. No one checked on her! We take your calls to hear where you'd been left at, like a gym.

    03/20/2018   download  

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