• BABECAST: Kelly From Alewife

      Meghan talks to Kelly owner of the craft beer bottle shop & Bar, Alewife. Kelly talks about her career journey, the decision to join the Peace Corps, the culture shock and experiences she had while volunteering, and of course their love of craft beer.

      08/17/2017   download  
    • BABECAST: Jaclyn

      Meghan talks with Esthetician and owner of Serenity Skin Studio, Jaclyn! They talk about the BIGGEST waste of time when it comes to skin care, the myths of certain products, and yes even the forbidden B-word, BOTOX! Jaclyn breaks down the do's and don'ts of skin care and it will save your life. Or, just your skin.(To some it's the same thing.)

      08/10/2017   download  
    • BABECAST: Savanna

      Meghan chats it up with model and personal trainer, Savanna! They discuss how unfortunate it is you can't eat pizza and also have abs, her journey to becoming a personal trainer, and tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle but also not be miserable while doing so.

      08/03/2017   download  
    • Morning Mess Recap: Krispy Kreme LIED on Eclipsemas!

      8-21-17 Mark and Justin Try to send someone out to buy the new Krispy Kreme Eclipse Doughnuts, and they find out Krispy Kreme has been lying the whole time.

      08/21/2017   download  

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